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Joining The Side Of The Angels

Editor's note: C3RF is thrilled to introduce its most recent patron, Judi McLeod, a journalist who has adhered to the core principle of the press in a free society, which is to report the truth of significant events in a fair and accurate way, at a time when most of the mainstream media have become shills for the powers that be. C3RF was founded to advocate and act against threats to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms through all legal means and we seek patrons to lend their name to our cause. Our patrons are persons of standing known for their work in protecting the rights and freedoms we used to take for granted, but which are now threatened by the evolving globalist world order being imposed by increasingly authoritarian national governments and supranational entities such as the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. Judi McLeod has shown her bona fides in fighting for freedom in so many ways, not least of which is operating the website Canada Free Press. In this capacity, we invited her to become a patron of C3RF. We are delighted that she not only accepted our invitation but explained why she did so in the article below. We are honoured to receive such a strong endorsement for our organization from such a formidable freedom fighter!


By Judi McLeod

Like so many others, floating somewhat aimlessly about in the dark that Canada has become since Canadian PM Justin Trudeau threw the country in with Klaus Schwab’s “You will own nothing but be happy” World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset, I landed in the Light by becoming an invited patron of the C3RF (Canadian Citizens For Chartered Rights and Freedom) organization.

Soul tormented in the Marxist Miasma of a Canada whose Chartered Rights and Freedom have been taken away from its 38 million citizens, I worried about little to nothing having been written about this tragic state of affairs in the mainstream and social media of our day; fretting that even His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition has had little to say about Canada’s sorrowful new state.

The invitation to join the C3RF organization came to me from someone I very much admire—plucky ‘never-give-upper’ Valerie Price of Act for Canada, who has weathered all political dust-ups and never looks back.

“At C3RF, our mission is to educate the public regarding the nature of these narratives even as we fight back against the diminishment of free speech rights,” she wrote in her invitation for my joining the group of which she is a founding member. “Our efforts are meeting with much success as we have been able to grow our little organization from 12, four years ago during the M103 debate, to some 25,000 now. It does appear that there is a thirst throughout Canada for the information we disseminate on the status of individual, fundamental rights.”
“We know that you share our commitment to the promotion of civil liberties and wonder if we could join forces in some small manner. Accordingly, we would like to extend an invitation for you to become a “Patron” of C3RF. This would entail no effort or cost on your part. For our part, we would look forward to advertising your “Patron” status on our web page and referring to it when discussing your writings and other works.
“Each of the directors was asked to recommend a Patron - someone who shares our values and a commitment to Canadian rights and freedoms and I am recommending you!”

When I wrote Valerie back that I would be honored to accept her invitation to join the group, she responded: “That is just the BEST news! We are all delighted to have a fellow freedom fighter on board. Thank you so much, Judi. Russ Cooper is just thrilled.”

That Major Russ Cooper was thrilled to have me join the group more than makes my day:

“Russ Cooper is retired from both the Royal Canadian Air Force and Air Canada. In his military career, he was a decorated CF18 combat pilot and served in several staff positions as a Director of major capital acquisition projects. In the civilian aviation sector, he complimented service as an international airliner pilot with national responsibilities in the field of post 9/11 civil aviation security. He is published internationally in this latter area. (Canadian Citizens)
“Now fully retired from his follow-on career as a Human Factors Engineer and a Transport Canada Flight Test Pilot delegate, he is pursuing an abiding interest in the preservation of fundamental Canadian Charter rights. This latter pursuit has been prompted by his sense that these rights, hard-won by the sacrifice of Canadians past, are under attack and on the verge of being lost.”

The passion of this military hero will see the preservation of fundamental Canadian Charter Rights and Freedoms through in spite of the negligent media and the general snub of politicians.

Neither Russ Cooper nor Valerie Price could have ever known my late-night prayer of these past few weeks; fervent prayers to my Guardian Angel to help me land on the Side of Angels in all meaningful issues in a now tossed-up world.

Today that prayer was most elegantly answered.


This article was originally posted on website and can be accessed here.

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