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Petition to dismiss Prime Minister Trudeau

Canada now finds itself in a constitutional crisis by virtue of the fact that the government-of-the-day, under Prime Minister Trudeau, has invoked the Emergencies Act of 1988. This Act, initiated at a time when Freedom Convoy 2022 protests in Ottawa were seen as the sole "public order" issue of the day, is obliged to respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unfortunately, the need to invoke the Act and the measures taken on its behalf, including the freezing of financial assets and restrictions to assembly, speech and mobility rights, are both missing and unconstitutional respectively.

The Act was called up as an initial reaction to a situation rather than as a last resort as is the intent of its underpinning legislation. Rather than dealing with the protest through dialogue, the Prime Minister chose to pillory the demonstrators with invective and ad hominem attack. These recriminations were quickly followed by the freezing of hundreds of financial accounts that left their owners without the means of supporting themselves or their families. Such punishments not only rail against the Charter rights of these individuals but against international, human rights covenants and statutes that Canada is signatory to. These include the "International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights" and the "Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court" as reflected in Canada's own "Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act".

The Governor General of Canada, under the Reserve Powers assigned to her office, has the legal authority to dismiss a Prime Minister that chooses to operate unconstitutionally or in a manner that is above the law. Given that the current Prime Minister is misusing the Emergencies Act to adversely impact both the Charter and human rights of Canadian citizens, not to mention forcing members of the nation's security forces to participate in these crimes against humanity, it is more than appropriate to petition the Governor General to consider discharging her duty as the representative of all of the Queen's loyal Canadian subjects. A duty that includes being the final arbiter in the case of an errant Prime Minister.

Please read, consider and sign the petition linked to below if you would like to see the Governor General act to restore a strong and free Canada.


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