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The Strategic Nature of the War Against Civilization

Editor's note: Retired U.S. Army intelligence officer, Major Stephen Coughlin, presents a master class in this not-to-be-missed three-hour dissection of the ideological war that is being waged against our Western society and its traditions. Renowned as the "red pill" briefer of the U.S. DOD Joint Chiefs of Staff who brought clarity to the Sharia underpinnings of the War on Terror post 911, and fired at the behest of Muslim Brotherhood forces for doing so, Major Coughlin applies his analytical powers to help us understand how the seemingly inexplicable and irrational changes in our society can be happening.  


Coughlin explains the crucial concept of “dialectics” as a form of information warfare. He elucidates how the ideas of Marx were based on the theory of knowledge of 19th century philosopher Georg Wilhem Hegel whose thoughts inspired the Frankfurt School's expression "Aufheben der Kultur,” meaning to negate or destroy all traditional thought. This negation is occurring in our own society in the form of  “cancel culture.” The negation of our culture is implemented through Maoist “Lines of Effort” (LOEs), including "global warming" to destroy our industries and feminism to destroy our families.


As false narratives and outright lies explode like bombs all around us, we find ourselves distracted and confused to the point of paralysis as an ideology of negation eats away at our way of life and its hard-won freedoms. Coughlin posits that, until we see this political and information warfare for what it is and follow the arc of its bombs and missiles back to their source, we will destroy ourselves with our misplaced compromises and suicidal empathy.


There is much in this video presentation that deserves the rapt attention of all freedom-loving persons and most who make it through this brief will want to go back and watch it a second time. Such is the power of the transformative experience it provides through the provision of a clarity capable of rendering the seemingly insane changes in our society understandable.

By Major Stephen Coughlin (Ret'd)



Major Coughlin described the Marxist philosophy in brilliant terms and confirmed everything I have learned about the Communist strategies and practices that are being pushed very effectively in Trudeaus Canada today. These materials have got to be continued. I certainly will be doing the promotion of this material to my city in Alberta Canada. Thank you for a magnificent presentation!

Lloyd Leugner, CD, Veteran4Freedom, Cochrane Alberta Canada.




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