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Letter from Tariq Khan to the Prime Minister

In my capacity of being the Co- Chair of the Moslem Jewish Dialogue in Toronto , I and our Muslim sisters and brothers who are the participants of the MJD expressed our strong opinion against Sharia Law and the related activities. Sunni and Shia Imams also participated. We are of the opinion that in CANADA there should be no other law except the Canadian Law. It is true that certain Imams are promoting polygamy with cunning tricks. Muslims must abide the Canadian Values. On behalf of the Moslem participants of the MJD , I fully endorse the opinion expressed by our Co-Chair David Nitkin. It is true that here in the GTA certain IMAMS are preaching hatred, promoting and performing mut'ah marriages, extracting huge amounts for performing burial and other rituals. I and others in the Dialogue [ MJD ] strongly urge you to vote to Rescind Petition E- 411 and defeat motion M - 103, both of which are antithetical to the Canadian Values we cherish. Like all religious groups, Muslims are already protected under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Criminal Law. We Muslims do not need any separate Law being supported by certain groups specially that who are being backed by the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD FRONT ORGANISATIONS, U.S. and Canada. We, Muslims fully support our Co-Chair David Nitkin. Thank you. Sincerely, Tariq Khan 682 MACBETH HEIGHTS Mississauga, Ontario L5W 1E6

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