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Freedom Defence Canada: Why M-103 Still Matters

It’s a sad fact that most of us forget the news. We’re busy, and we tell ourselves that we can’t make a difference. It’s understandable. The frantic post modern, internet based crazy 21st century universe consumes us, and it’s easy to push events from our minds. Who needs the added stress and worry? But we shouldn’t adopt this attitude. Some issues are just too important. M-103 not over One of them is motion M-103. A lot of the hoopla about it has passed. It’s not in the news, anymore and articles aren’t being written about it. The public is gradually beginning to forget about it, and that’s a tragedy, because it’s far from over. In fact, if anything, it’s more important than ever, and its implications are potentially more frightening than they have ever been. We need to remember that it represents a potential first step in the removal of our right to free speech. That alone should give Canadians tortured and sleepless nights. I remember my reaction on hearing that Sharia Law had become legal in Great Britain. I didn’t sleep a wink. The idea that British common law had been superseded by Islamic religious law was terrifying. There are now 85 Sharia courts in the U.K. No Sharia Law in Canada Unfortunately, this event has also passed from the news, and people have gone on with their lives. But think about it. They actually accepted the idea that some parts of the U.K. could be ruled by Islamic law. Frankly, I never want to see that here, and I weep for England, a nation we once affectionately referred to as the “mother country.” The only kind of law I want to see, despite its faults, is the kind we are supposed to have now, an objective system designed to respect the rights of the individual, allowing free speech, thought and expression. Religious law, in particular Sharia Law, does not do this, and should never take root in Canada. Can’t Happen? Think again The worst thing we can do is forget M-103. We will not soon be forgiven if we do. Examining this, we can see that there are five steps that could potentially result in Sharia Law in Canada. First, M-103 is passed, singling out Islam for special consideration.(Done)A long term parliamentary study into “Islamophobia” and “Systemic Racism” is launched. (Already beginning) A recommendation of action is made, leading to the introduction of a Bill in the house, and finally, the Bill is passed by the Liberal majority, banning all public criticism of Islam in Canada. Again, think about that. An artfully worded motion ends up crushing free speech and establishing special status for one religion, not Canada’s historic faith. Who would have thought that possible, but a few years down the road we could be there. Don’t believe me? Ask the British. Our Choice. Canada’s future. Petition Parliament Considering this, we don’t have much choice. We must continue to resist M-103 and its ugly cousin C-16 until they have been revoked and rescinded. The price of not doing so is the loss of our fundamental freedoms. That’s too high a price to pay. Please sign the following parliamentary e-petition against Sharia Law and urge your friends and family to do so as well. The first step in resisting begins with you.

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