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Glazov Gang: Anni Cyrus Unveils the Dire Danger of M103.

On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Toronto, Canada. Anni unveiled The Dire Danger of M103 and cast a terrifying light on how treacherous forces are willfully bringing Sharia and Jihad to your neighborhood. Editor’s Note: This moving speech by Anni Cyrus posted on the Glazov Gang was one of many presentations made at C3RF’s meeting in Toronto on September 10th, 2017. You can see all the presentations here.

And make sure to watch Anni’s powerful speech at the United America First Rally in California on July 8, 2017, where she spoke of how she escaped Sharia and then issued A Bone-Chilling Warning to America:

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