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The Quiggin Reports – Podcasts on Free Speech

Editor's Note: In this series of podcasts, Tom Quiggin discusses the collusion of Islamists with Leftists to silence free speech under the pretext of stopping hate speech, the failure of political leaders, intelligence and law enforcement to respond effectively to the threat of radical Islam, the use of the term “Islamophobia” to silence anyone who expresses concerns about the Islamization of society, the history and evolution of the Muslim Brotherhood, and more. A summary of the major focus of each podcast is provided.


Podcast #5: The Misogyny of the Islamists and the Silence of the Feminists

Both the literature of Islamist groups and statements made by their senior leadership are clear about giving husbands total control of their wives, who are expected to be subservient and sexually available. Wife beating to enforce obedience is acceptable, as are forced marriage and child marriage (even temporary child marriage, in the case of the Shia). Yet all we hear from feminists about such misogynist views is a deafening silence. Tom Quiggin discusses some of the statements made by Islamist leaders and the reasons (such as identity politics and cultural relativism) behind the feminists’ silence. He also discusses how the fear of being seen as racist or “Islamophobic” on the part of the authorities has led to misguided outreach to radical groups, the cover-up of some horrific crimes, including rape and human trafficking by Muslim gangs, and lenient sentences for crimes of domestic violence.


Podcast #4: The Muslim Brotherhood – The Mothership of Political Sunni Islam Today The seemingly endless number of Sunni terrorist groups (al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, Abu Sayef...) and political Islamist groups such as CAIR all trace their origin to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), founded in 1928 in Egypt. Tom Quiggin discusses the history of the MB, the objective of which, in the words of its founder Hassan al-Banna, was to eventually impose Islamic law on all nations. The strategies and tactics of terrorist and political groups differ, with the former freely using violence while the latter use “dawa,” infiltration and political pressure, but the objective of both is to bring the whole world under Islamic law. Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood is key to understanding what is happening in the world today, but unfortunately many of our leaders have no clue.


Podcast #3: Advancing Islam With “Islamophobia” and The Victimhood Narrative Tom Quiggin discusses how Islamists use accusations of Islamophobia, victimhood narratives, and even false reports of attacks on Muslims to advance their cause and urges care in objectively authenticating all reports of Islamophobia – especially for collecting statistics. The Government of Canada should take note. Instead of trying to stamp out “Islamophobia,” it should pay more attention to the frightening ideas that Islamists are promoting in Canada on their websites and with their books and other materials.


Podcast #2: The Islamists Among Us Tom Quiggin discusses the various Islamist groups operating in Canada and the United States, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s accommodating attitude toward Islamist groups and individuals (such as returning ISIS fighters), and Liberal Members of Parliament who seem to have Islamist sympathies.


Podcast #1: Silencing Free Speech Tom Quiggin discusses the importance of free speech in underpinning all of our other freedoms and the role of the “social contract” in Western societies, whereby the people agree to be governed by the rule of law, which in turn protects them and their rights. Increasingly, however, the law is being applied less and less to protect the people and more and more to silence those who speak out against the changes being imposed on society. These changes are being promoted by a collaboration of cultural Marxists (“social justice warriors,” globalists, progressives, etc.) and Islamists (both Sunni and Shia).


Quiggin Report #1 was originally published on Stitcher on March 27, 2018, and be be listened to on their site by clicking here. Quiggin Report #2 was originally published on Soundcloud on March 28, 2018 and can be listened to on their site by clicking here. Quiggin Report #3 was originally published on Soundcloud on April 3, 2018 and can be listened to on their site by clicking here. Quiggin Report #4 was originally published on Patreon on April 10, 2018, and can be listened to on their site by clicking here. Quiggin Report #5 was originally published on SoundCloud on April 16, 2018, and can listened to on their site by clicking here.

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