Tom Quiggin’s Statement of Defence in Islamic Relief Canada Defamation Lawsuit

Court-qualified terrorist expert, Tom Quiggin, and six other persons/ entities, including C3RF’s own co-founding member, Raheel Raza, have been named as “the defendants” in a defamation suit levelled by the charitable organization, Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The risk faced by the defendants is in the order of millions of dollars as IRC seeks compensation for damages to its good name and ongoing financial prospects. All this due to an RCMP complaint submitted by Tom Quiggin. This complaint alleges that terrorist organizations abroad are being funded by taxpayer dollars funnelled through several Government of Canada agencies and personalities and IRC. It has been registered by the RCMP under File # 18-004212. The defamation case is now with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice for dispensation. There can be little doubt that a docket dealing with the potential funding of terrorist operations by our own federal government through a Canadian charity is in the public interest. This, plus the fact that submitted court documents are in the public realm, makes C3RF think its members may wish to be apprised of related proceedings. Accordingly, the defendant’s “Statement of Defence” is archived here for your information and consideration. C3RF will endeavor to keep its members apprised of further developments in this case as they arise. Please click here or on the graphic below to view a PDF of the Statement of Defence.

Tom Quiggin’s Statement of Defence in Islamic Relief Canada Defamation Lawsuit

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