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Islamic Relief Canada's "Statement of Claim"

Islamic Relief Canada (IRC) has made the following "Statement of Claim" against Tom Quiggin and six other personalities. This “Statement” is provided here to complement the defendant's "Statement of Defence" which can also be found on this C3RF web site. It is hoped that the two documents will provide the reader with a more balanced view of the issues in play as IRC, the plaintiff, lays charges of defamation against Tom Quiggin et al., the defendants.

This "Statement of Claim" is quite adamant in denying any connection between its operations and those of any other organization allegedly involved in terrorist activities - including Islamic Relief Worldwide. They assert they are a charitable organization that operates to benefit those in need at home and abroad and offer an impressive list of recipients to prove the point. They are glad to have the support of the Government of Canada through a number of taxpayer initiatives including those associated with the passage of Motion M-103. They also point out that Islamic Relief Canada and Islamic Relief Worldwide operate as separate and independent legal entities with projects pursued on an individual basis and under separate contract.

Please click here or on the graphic below to view a PDF of the Statement of Defence.

IRC Statement of Claim

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