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Motion by MP Scott Reid seeks to replace “Islamophobia” with “anti-Muslim bigotry”

Editor’s Note: "In this December 11, 2017, Facebook posting, Conservative MP Scott Reid, who is a member of the Heritage Committee on Motion M-103, endorses Ali Rizvi's proposal to replace the term "Islamophobia" with "anti-Muslim bigotry." Mr. Reid writes that if the Liberals do not accept his recommendation to include Rivzi's proposal in their report to the Commons, it suggests that they are more committed to semantics than opposing anti-Muslim bigotry, hatred and violence per the consensus position."

Here is Ali Rizvi's suggestion, regarding finding a consensus road forward in the fight against anti-Muslim hatred & bigotry. On Nov. 6 at 16:50 pm, Rizvi said, "Here is my proposal regarding M-103. If the motion simply uses the term, 'Anti-Muslim bigotry,' instead of ' Islamophobia', I would back it 100%, as would many Conservatives I've spoken to. It would strip it's [M-103's] critics of their main argument. You may argue, why make such a big deal about semantics? I would ask the same question [back to you] today. If this term is preventing Opposition members and critics from backing the motion, and if we truly care about the goals and purpose of this motion---to help curb anti-Muslim bigotry---why not call it anti-Muslim bigotry, or anti-Muslim hate, or anti-Muslim sentiment? It does exactly the same thing and it doesn't take away an iota of the meaning of the motion and what we want to achieve. Yet it also removes the barriers preventing its [M-103's] critics from backing it. If we Liberals care about the substance of this motion over semantics we lose nothing and gain everything from making this one small change." Today, I will move a motion, at the in-camera meeting of the M-103 committee, that his words be included in the committee's report to the House of Commons. Will the Liberals allow it to be included? If his quote is not there when the report is submitted to the Commons, you'll know that the Liberal majority voted to exclude his consensus suggestion from the report---that the Liberals are more committed to their semantic position than they are to a united front against anti-Muslim bigotry, hatred and violence. To read the full transcript of Ali Rizvi’s testimony on the House of Commons website, please click the following link:

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