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C3RF Member Update - 19 October, 2018

NOTE: Writing Challenge and Sample Letters below!

What happened to "open, transparent, and fair" government?

Remember our current government running on a 2015 platform of “open, fair and transparent” operations? That seems like another age when we consider the end-runs that this same government has tried to affect on John Q Public. First there was Motion M-103 and its stealthy insistence on locking-in the term “Islamophobia” into Canada’s legislative lexicon. Mattered not that regular Canadian folk were fearful that such a move would open the door to special treatment for Islam and its own laws and ideology.

Now, as reported last week, we are faced with a very quiet December signing of the United Nations Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. This Compact was not floated for public debate even though it establishes international law as “pre-eminent” over national sovereignty and individual Charter Rights. It is also noteworthy that, as the signing date nears, other countries such as Poland, Austria and Denmark are considering backing out. Will this give the Trudeau government pause? Not likely given its mad rush to ingratiate itself with the U.N. at every turn as it seeks a seat on the organization’s Security Council. Hence the need for last week’s petition calling for a Canadian debate on the costs and benefits associated with joining the Compact. This petition is ready for your signature and distribution here.

Even now we begin to see the commencement of yet another gambit to circumvent public input. This one picks up where Motion M-103 left off and sees “closed door” discussions on racism. Hand-picked “experts” such as Jasmin Zine, a professor of sociology and Muslim studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, are being consulted to input this process. It is interesting to note that Ms. Zine was a witness at the original M-103 hearings and was for shielding Islam against the “demonization” of religions.

It would appear that this new set of racism studies seeks to overwrite inconvenient testimonies that arose in the original M-103 hearings. Testimonies such as that given by Tarek Fatah which declared, in no uncertain terms, that the wool was being pulled over the eyes of the Canadian government and that “the acceptance of Islamophobia as a form of religious discrimination was akin to denying Canadian Muslims the right to defend themselves from the religious bigots (mullahs) that they came to Canada to escape”. He went on to state that “hundreds of Canadian mosques are under the influence of extremist, Muslim Brotherhood operatives”. There were many witnesses such as Mr. Fatah in the original hearings and it is disappointing to think that their testimonies will be overridden by a group of handpicked “experts”.


Has “open, transparent and fair” government devolved into criminal activity?

Tarek Fatah’s warning that Muslim Brotherhood operatives were influencing the Canadian political scene appears to be borne out by Tom Quiggin’s recent and meticulously researched statement of formal complaint to the Commissioner of the RCMP. In it he alleges that Canadian taxpayer money is being funneled to both directly and indirectly finance terrorist operations. Tom Quiggin is a former military intelligence officer and current court-qualified expert on terrorism. His charges are scandalous as they assert that such operations have proceeded beyond private means to include support from Government of Canada agencies and personalities.

The allegations are truly monumental and speak, not only to the fraudulent use of taxpayer funds but also, to the compromising of national security. Accordingly, Mr. Quiggin has petitioned the RCMP to investigate his considered findings in the light of relevant Criminal Code of Canada provisions. His letter and research material can be found here and they include a section dedicated to “Islamic Relief Terrorism Funding and Ties to the Muslim Brotherhood”. One could be forgiven for wondering if the stubborn rush to introduce Islamophobia into our legal lexicon, the silent dismantling of national borders to accommodate worldwide migration and support for the funding of terrorist operations are somehow linked.


What to do?

C3RF continues to track the replacement M-103 “expert” hearings on your behalf and is looking forward to seeing how they deal with previous testimony that disputes the whole rationale for the Motion and its underpinning Petition E-411.

C3RF, with your help, is drawing attention to the fact that the Global Compact on Migration has not slipped public attention and is in dire need of national debate. Your participation comes in the form of a signature on this related petition. Please sign and distribute.

Finally, Tom Quiggin’s research and findings are hitting a wall when it comes to main stream media exposure. Who’da guessed. You could help bust through this wall by penning a correspondence to the Commissioner of the RCMP and/ or your Member of Parliament:

  1. the first needs to be a letter and would advise the Commissioner that you are aware of Mr. Quiggin’s research and referral and are tracking its progress closely. As such, you would be very appreciative of her earliest intervention in dealing with such a national security risk; and

  2. the second would advise your MP that you are aware of serious allegations regards the government’s alleged assistance to organizations known to fund terrorism. You expect him or her, as your representative, to get to the bottom of the situation with the aim of restoring trust in your government.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO WRITE A LETTER OR SEND AN EMAIL. As well, it is best if you try and put it in your own words.


Letter to Commissioner Lucki

Here’s the first, a letter for your use or modification as required:

Brenda Lucki, Commissioner

Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP National Headquarters

73 Leikin Drive

Ottawa, ON, K1A 0R2

Dear Commissioner Lucki,

I am aware of Mr. Tom Quiggin’s formal statement of complaint regards Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada using their official positions to channel taxpayers’ money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). I also understand that this latter organization is mired in contentious and potentially dangerous relationships that jeopardize the security of Canada. I believe this requires your earliest, most earnest investigation to limit such potential damage and restore faith and confidence in the operations of the government of Canada.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in this critical matter.

I look forward to hearing back from you on your plans to deal with this important issue.

Your name



Email to your MP

Here’s the second, an email for your use or modification as required. Your MP’s email address can be found here.

Dear your MP,

As my representative in the Parliament of Canada I would like to draw your attention to a formal statement of complaint issued by Mr. Tom Quiggin to the Commissioner of the RCMP. In it, Mr. Quiggin alleges that agencies and personalities within the current government have been purposely directing support and money to charitable organizations that, in turn, are supporting terrorist operations. These are most serious charges that bring disrepute to Canada’s federal system of governance and, more than this, it’s national security.

I am very concerned. Please, as my representative, look into these allegations and report to me what is being done to resolve and deal with these charges. I’m afraid my faith in you and the institution of the Government of Canada hangs in the balance until this situation is dealt with. Mr. Quiggin’s formal statement can be found here.

Your name

Your address


Ongoing operations and trends

C3RF is committed to raising public awareness on matters that involve your fundamental Charter Rights. As can be seen above, the list of threats to these freedoms is increasing and growing fast. It’s as though they represent a threat to certain political agendas and must be diminished come hell or high water.

Please note that efforts aimed at preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians are not without cost. For those of you who have recently contributed to our coffers, thank you very much. We cannot continue to operate and progress such initiatives without such aid. Having said that, we could certainly use a lot more of it from all others and hope you can contribute towards making a difference. If you are able to make a monthly donation, no matter how small, even $5/month, it will help us plan our finances and provide funding for a rainy day which is sure to come.

And while you're considering making a difference, please follow C3RF on Twitter, on Facebook and on our web site and share with friends our great content and a realistic outlook on the continuing battle for Charter Rights in Canada.

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)

Co-Chair C3RF


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