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C3RF Member Update - 30 November, 2018

The Global Compact on Migration – why fight?

We have been writing fairly extensively in these pages on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration and this has been for good cause. After all, the Compact stands to irrevocably alter the manner in which all signed-up nations organize their immigration processes as sovereign control is relinquished in favour of internationally coordinated measures. Why is C3RF in the thick of this fight? It’s in it because the accommodation of the needs and sensibilities of newcomers to Canada, as detailed by the Compact itself, can only come with the diminishment of the individual, fundamental Charter Rights of Canadians. Rights that, until now, have been seen as a birthright.

As noted in last week’s update, our call to arms has been picked up by a number of concerned groups and individuals and we now find ourselves on the cusp of a true national debate. This hoped-for eventuality has just been bolstered by one of Canada’s premier intellectuals, academic and author, Dr. Salim Mansur. His very recent article, “Canada’s Treacherous ‘Faustian Bargain”, is both succinct and devastating in its analysis of just what is at stake for Canada. This, as Canada’s current government orchestrates a national surrender to the U.N’s “Agenda 2030” - a globalist agenda that includes the Global Compact on Migration as a derivative notion. According to the good Doctor, a pattern is emerging that “indicates the sort of country that Trudeau and his Liberal Party are trying to create: a borderless Canada where UN-devised international law will take precedence over legislation enacted by elected representatives of the Canadian people who go against it.” This does not come as a surprise to C3RF members.

He connects the dots that we have been studying for some time now and sees the declaration of Canada as a post-national state, the M-103 run at weaponizing “islamophobia”, the support of the Compact itself and the disbursement of $600 million to a compliant media as coordinated measures all aimed at a common cause – the morphing of Canada, and its citizens, into global assets. Assets ruled from afar by elites that wouldn’t know a toque, a hockey stick or a Vimy Ridge if it fell from heaven and hit them on the noggin. Marcel de Graaff, Dutch Co-Chair of the European Parliament, pulls no punches when it comes to the need to dispense with the Compact.

The Global Compact on Migration – think globally, act locally?

As if the coordinated efforts of a Prime Minister and an international agency such as the U.N. weren’t bad enough, we also have to be cognizant of the part being played by so-called Local and Regional Associations (LRAs) in the realization of the 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) of the U.N.’s Agenda 2030. These goals include the fight against “climate change” (SDG 4), the provision of clean water (SDG 6) and migration that “reduces inequalities” amongst countries (SDG 10). First among these LRAs is the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) whose stated purpose is to bring local imperatives to the forefront of realizing all 17 SDGs of Agenda 2030.

It is important to note that Canadian municipalities are amply represented in the UCLG’s ruling “World Council”. These representatives are drawn from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) and include mayors and other high-ranking municipal authorities from across the land. As the former mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre states, the organization busies itself with coordinating common objectives and strategies to realize global goals. It is quite appropriate that Mr. Coderre speak on behalf of UCLG objectives for it was he who spearheaded the “sanctuary city” craze when, as mayor of Montreal, he made that city Canada’s first migrant magnet.

This was in line with UCLG stated goals for accommodating mass migration along with “the creation of a registration card that grants migrants both access to services and participation in the social and economic life of the city”. All of these initiatives are aimed at fulfilling a “right to the city” approach for newcomers. It is here we begin to see just how important Canadian municipal leaders are to the cause of unencumbered migration and the concomitant diminishment of individual rights. It also raises an unsettling question, if both federal and municipal political leaders are busy ingratiating themselves with elitist, globalist organizations and promoting their related objectives, just who is looking after yours?

By the by, in this 6-minute video, Roy Beck shows the total futility of using immigration to solve problems in developing countries. But that is exactly what the Global Compact aims to do. Are open borders and the knock-on problems they create, including the trading off of individual rights to soothe the sensibilities of collectives, really the way to go?

What to do – how about joining a Media Action Group letter-writing campaign?

The Media Action Group is cranking up a national letter-writing campaign that seeks to persuade influential authorities, including your Prime Minister, to reconsider a Canadian signature on the Global Compact on Migration. Please consider participating as your past actions have been effective in making a difference. Consider the fact that a national debate is now at hand! Here’s the instruction package.

C3RF Twitter highlights

This week’s theme-based twitter highlights home-in on the cowardice of Western leaders and authorities as they toss the “Asia Bibi” hot potato amongst themselves. Recall that Asia was sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan – her neighbours accused her of defaming Islam’s prophet after she took a sip of water from a Muslim water vessel. She was acquitted of charges and released from jail only to have throngs of folks hunt her down in an effort to restore their rough justice. Trapped in Pakistan, Western countries are hemming and hawing at taking her in as a refugee as they fear riling their own Muslim populations. Sad but so predictable. Regardless, here’s a smattering of related tweets:


Ongoing operations and trends

C3RF is committed to raising public awareness on matters that involve your fundamental Charter Rights. As can be seen above, the threat posed by the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration is coming at us from both federal and local levels. Perhaps it’s time we brought local politicians to the table to discuss just what they are up to. Along the lines of communicating our wishes to our political elites, your attention is drawn to the three petitions that are linked here, here and here. The first is new and features a call for Canada’s political leadership to call a referendum on the nation’s participation in the Global Compact on Migration. You have seen the second and third here in these pages previously. They include C3RF’s own call for a national debate on the issue and MP Bernier’s call to simply not sign the Compact respectively. Please consider signing all petitions if you have not done so already.

On another note, Tom Quiggin, after an input from a C3FR member, is now advancing his formal complaint against the Government of Canada’s alleged support of terrorist organizations to the Auditor General of Canada. This initiative will take the case to an authority that is bound by House of Commons edicts rather than the Government’s.

Please note that efforts aimed at preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians are not without cost. For those of you who have recently contributed to our coffers, thank you very much. We cannot continue to operate and progress such initiatives without such aid. Having said that, we could certainly use a lot more of it from all others and hope you can contribute towards making a difference. If you are able to make a monthly donation, no matter how small, even $5/month, it will help us plan our finances and provide funding for a rainy day which is sure to come.

And while you're considering making a difference, please follow C3RF on Twitter, on Facebook and on our web site and share with friends our great content and a realistic outlook on the continuing battle for Charter Rights in Canada.

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)

Co-Chair C3RF


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