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C3RF Member Update - 11 January, 2019

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms

Note: Contact your MPP campaign and petition instructions below!
New Year, New Threat to your Charter Rights

As if we didn’t have enough dragons to slay in the effort to preserve individual Charter Rights in Canada. Internally, we have fought Motion M-103 and its unfounded charges of systemic racism and religious discrimination – including Islamophobia. Externally, we find ourselves under siege by U.N. Agenda 2030 and its derivative initiatives in the form of the Global Compact on Migration (GCM) and “climate change”. In each and every case, Canadians are characterized as “haters” of one sort or another and authorities are called upon to “quell” (M-103) or “eliminate” (GCM) their ability to offer considered, critical opinions on matters close to the globalist heart. Looks like more “quelling” is in order for everyday Canadians as they witness the standing up of the Islamic Party of Ontario.

The Islamic Party of Ontario and your Charter Rights

The Islamic Party of Ontario has officially registered its name with Ontario elections authorities and plans to run candidates in Ontario’s next provincial election. Thing is, their platform is a bold statement of intent to make sharia law the ruling authority in the province. This platform reflects the supremacist strains found within Islamic ideology and declares Islam to be the native “DEEN”, or religion, of Ontario. It demands that Allah’s law “set the fundamental principles of the outlook of life and practices in private to public life --political, social, education, economy, health, environment, and the justice system”.

Obviously, it is intended that all Ontarians will need to trade in their Charter Rights and individual freedoms for the tenets laid down in sharia law. Free speech will need to yield to sharia speech codes that criminalize the criticism of Islam. Women will not have the same rights as men and non-Muslims will be disadvantaged in relation to their Muslim neighbours. The accepted and authoritative handbook of sharia law; “The Reliance of the Traveller”, shows this form of Islamic jurisprudence to be totally antithetical to Western legal concepts. Surely the Islamic Party of Ontario will be unsuccessful in its bid to form a provincial government, or will it?

The Islamic Party of Ontario will fail – won’t it?

It would be dangerous to assume that the Islamic Party of Ontario would hit a wall when it came to generating support within the Muslim community. This community is a powerful and growing political force and has the clout to impact outcomes in major city centres such as the GTA. This power was evidenced in the last federal election of 2015 when, with the organizing efforts of “the Canadian Muslim Vote”, 88% of the Muslim population turned out to help upwards of 11 Muslim candidates win their races.

This strength will only grow as the Canadian government works hand-in-hand with the U.N. to effect Agenda 2030’s Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees. These Compacts will see the international coordination of mass flows of migrants and refugees from predominantly Muslim-majority regions of the world to major Canadian city centres. As Canada gives over sovereignty of its migration and refugee policies to international law and harmonization, the Islamic Party of Ontario will have access to a growing and potentially supportive base. The issue becomes, will this base be energized by the Party’s sharia narrative?

The Canadian Muslim electorate – friend or foe of sharia?

Remember the M-103 study period held by the Heritage Committee in the fall of 2017? If related witness testimony taught Canadians anything it was that the Muslim community in Canada is split on the matter of sharia. On one hand, the majority of witnesses explained that they had come to Canada to escape Islamic law. On the other, we heard from spokespersons representing national, Muslim advocacy groups who saw Islamophobic discrimination as a problem removed from any sharia-based concerns. Which group of witnesses is representative of the Muslim community as a whole?

If Canadian and American Muslims can be treated as a common commodity for political purposes there might be reason for concern here. This, as the majority of the latter believe they “should have the choice of American or shariah courts, or that they should have their own tribunals to apply shariah”. Combine this with a growing number of Muslims that are arriving from much more sharia-friendly domains and the introduction of a GCM that will further limit Canada’s ability to be selective and the voting results may surprise. Still, if the ballot-box question is “sharia”, Islamist voters might not have the juice to get the Islamic Party of Ontario through the “first-past-the-post” electoral system. Just imagine, though, if sharia was allowed to fly under-the-radar as it has to date or if the Province went to a “proportional representation” electoral system as was officially proposed in 2007. Regardless and even if the worst happened, our politicians and judges would save our individual, fundamental Charter Rights. Wouldn’t they?

No worry, our élites will save our fundamental rights – won’t they?

We may be whistling past the graveyard if we expect our national political and judicial leaders to preserve fundamental Charter Rights from the supremacist and exclusionary aspects of officialised sharia law. After all, our Prime Minister has called Canada a country with “no core identity” and believes “Islam is not incompatible with Western secular democracy”. He and his Party have also been front and centre in defending Motion M-103 and its contention that an undefined “Islamophobia” needs to be “quelled”. In doing so, he fell into lock-step with European politicos that have fought the same fight by criminalizing the criticism of Islam and embracing sharia courts. As for our own Supreme court, they have been busy “balancing” away your fundamental freedoms to bolster the equality rights of certain “identifiable groups”. No, the federal élites cannot be depended on to turn back the march to sharia law in Ontario and beyond. This will need to be a bottom-up effort.

What to do? Go bottom-up and ask your MPP to reject sharia politics!

Ontario residents need to contact their MPPs, by email or phone, to tell them of their concerns regards the Islamic Party of Ontario. They need to note that this is more of a threat to their fundamental rights under the Charter than was the attempt to introduce sharia tribunals in Ontario in 2005. This latter initiative would have bound Ontario’s Muslims to Islamic law for family matters. The Islamic Party of Ontario, on the other hand, is proposing sharia for the whole of the province. The tribunal initiative did not pass in 2005, the Party that seeks to blanket the whole of Ontario with sharia needs to be rejected as well.

Your MPP also needs to know that the formation of a provincial party falls within that province’s legal jurisdiction. The province can stipulate application requirements and refuse those that do not comply. Surely, one such requirement needs to be a commitment to honour the Charter Rights of all individual Canadians including their ability to “secure their persons” through equitable treatment under the law – something that sharia law does not provide! As such, follow-on legal decisions that would seek to abrogate the provinces authority in this area can be rejected through the Notwithstanding Clause of the Charter. After all, if the Clause was deemed appropriate for the purposes of reducing the size of Toronto’s municipal government it is even more appropriate in this case. Ontario residents can find their MPP’s contact information here.

But don’t stop with a phone call or an email! Take the time to review and sign the related petition here. Your signature will be automatically registered as a dedicated email to Premier Doug Ford ensuring that he is made aware of your individualized concern. Additionally and as sharia is more than likely coming to other provinces, I’d suggest residents across the land take the time to contact their own MPP to begin the discussion in their own province even as they sign the petition. After all, other provinces and Territories recognize Ontario as a leader when it comes to effecting nation-wide, political change and Premier Ford is fully capable of exercising that leadership on behalf of all Canadians.


Ongoing operations and trends

It is now apparent that global (Agenda 2030), national (M-103) and provincial (Islamic Party of Ontario) agencies are hot after the individual rights and freedoms that we prize but confound their efforts to build us a new and better world. A world we neither asked for nor were consulted on and which does not merit the loss of our Western way of life. C3RF will continue to connect the dots in an effort to present you a clearer picture of the puzzle that is coming together before us. We believe that education is key in this fight and the first step in winning it.

We need your continued support

Please note that efforts aimed at preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians are not without cost. For those of you who have recently contributed to our coffers, thank you very much. We cannot continue to operate and progress such initiatives without such aid. The funds you so generously donate go directly into campaigning, events, bookkeeping, technology costs and legal advice. When these basic services are met, we use excess funding to assist other groups in advancing the cause of Canadian individual rights within a strong and free Canada. We also contribute to related legal proceedings, such as the Ottawa Public Library fight, and charitable activities when able. Please consider a one-time donation or a monthly contribution. Monthly donations, no matter how small, even $5/month, help us plan our finances in advance and provide us with greater flexibility.

And while you're considering making a difference, please follow C3RF on Twitter, on Facebook and on our web site and share with friends our great content and a realistic outlook on the continuing battle for Charter Rights in Canada. You can also join our Twitter feed here. In the meantime, a relevant Churchill quote:

Churchill quote: A nation that forgets its past has no future.

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)

Co-Chair C3RF


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