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C3RF Member Update - 08 March, 2019

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms

Note! Reference to "Media Action Group" letter-writing campaign below
The "imposter" is clobbered for a one-two-three combination

Oh my, how the mighty have fallen! Our once “woke” and sophisticated Prime Minister, the one who promised “transparency” and “sunny ways”, has been dumped by his own sycophantic, main-stream media. How else to explain a recent Maclean’s article that pigeon-holes him as an “imposter – a “phoney-in-chief” who promises rainbows and delivers old time, crony politics. Some would say that this unprecedented turn-around was affected by the departure of two high profile cabinet ministers, Wilson-Raybould and Philpott, who were concerned by the fact that their government seemed to value votes and political power over constitutionally mandated “rule of law”. I would offer that there is more in the mix than just this “one-two combination”. Rather, it was a three-punch combo initiated by MP Leona Alleslev when she crossed the floor from the Liberal benches to join the Conservatives on 17 September, 2018 - the same day that saw PM Trudeau begin a concerted pressure campaign to convince the Attorney General of the day, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, to overrule the decision of the independent public prosecutor’s office to take SNC-Lavalin to trial.


Agenda 2030 begets the Canadian Infrastructure Fund begets SNC-Lavalin

To understand the “why” of the one-two-three combo one has to understand the context in which SNC-Lavalin rose to become a protected, national treasure. It certainly wasn’t “jobs” as originally postulated by the government. After all, the 9,000 jobs put at risk by the potential demise of the company pales in comparison to the 10’s of thousands of jobs actually lost in the nation’s energy sector - losses that have proceeded with little government interest, let alone intervention. It is interesting to note that now, as the political crisis ramps up, we may be getting closer to the truth with the government beginning to cite “climate change” as the justification for lapses in the application of the “rule of law”.

Jane Philpott

The “climate change” excuse does carry water given the Canadian Government’s dogged determination to accommodate United Nations Agenda 2030 and its clarion call to counter “global warming” while eradicating regional disparities through mass migration. This accommodation was front and centre when the government instituted a twelve year, $180 Billion program to invest in “infrastructure”. It is interesting to note that this plan goes out of its way to address Agenda 2030’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and is scheduled for completion in the same year that the Agenda targets (2030). The centerpiece of this initiative is the Canadian Infrastructure Fund (CIF) that will use $35 Billion of taxpayer dollars to encourage both public and private institutions to invest in national projects that they would otherwise avoid. It is telling that the newly appointed CEO of this Fund is a former senior officer with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board and that the Fund has expansive powers that are free from the restrictions that normally constrain such Crown Corporations. These powers include certain freedoms from the Financial Administration Act and the provision of extraordinary authority for the Minister of Finance to approve and guarantee loans.

Leona Alleslev

So, we have a political “sacred cow”, in the form of Agenda 2030, and a pot full of money just waiting to be expended in service of the Agenda’s priorities – including “climate change”. Enter SNC-Lavalin as the “go-to” contractor to bridge the gap between the two and we begin to see how MP Allesev, as a former Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement, might have reacted negatively before being removed, unceremoniously, from that position in January, 2017. Add to this mix the appointment of a former SNC-Lavalin VP as head of the CIF’s Project Development office and we see how the “rule of law” could begin to recede in the rear-view mirror even as “climate change” initiatives roared into the lead.


Do Agenda 2030 goals ace Canadian Charter Rights and the “rule of law”?

In another time, not so long ago, the above question would have been seen as a joke. Not so much today when well-connected swaths of Canadian society advocate on behalf of the “climate change” narrative and even call for the jailing of “deniers”. Matters not that this narrative has so far failed to explain how the “hockey stick” climate model needed to be “paused” or how previous warming periods in the earth’s history could have come to pass without the industrial production of the new green house gas “pollutant”, carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, many Canadians in serious leadership positions have signed onto the questionable claims that the “climate” sky is falling and that individual rights and the rule of law need to accommodate this new reality. Here we begin to see the implementation of a new “War Measures Act” – one based on defeating a “global warming” enemy.

Fact is, an argument could be made that the rights of good, tax paying, law abiding Canadians have been under attack in the name of the “common good” from the inception of the current federal government. How else to explain this same government’s steadfast refusal to moderate the term “Islamophobia” to better accommodate free speech concerns? How else to explain the quiet, almost secretive, negotiations with the United Nations to make migration a human right and introduce open-door migration policies? How else to explain omnibus Budget 2018 and its surreptitious accommodation of $23 Million for Motion M-103 purposes along with new Criminal Code provisions designed to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook?

Thanking MPs Allesev, Wilson-Raybould and Philpott for standing up to related attacks on Canada’s “rule of law” are certainly in order but we would be remiss if we did not concurrently thank all of the unnamed, everyday Canadians who joined the fight with C3RF shortly after the introduction of Motion M-103. Ultimately, it is all of these efforts that honour the sacrifices made by those before us. Those that sought to defend and project the values of a strong and free Canada. These efforts stand in stark contrast to those that seek to diminish individual rights and responsibilities in the name of the false philanthropies associated with the “common good”.

Ongoing operations and trends

Last week’s call for letters to Premier Ford to reconsider the accreditation of the Islamic Party of Ontario generated a flood of support. This initiative is still ongoing and could use your support if you have yet to participate. In addition, our friends at the “Media Action Group” group have joined us with their own letter-writing campaign and could use your support as well. Take a look and consider participating and passing it on.

In closing out this section on current operations, it has taken some time but the courts are now ready to proceed with a “free speech” case that is of great interest to C3RF. Recall that in November 2017, our friends at ACT! For Canada organized the world premiere of the documentary “Killing Europe”. Twenty-six hours before the event was to take place, the Ottawa Public Library cancelled it. Valerie Price, National Director of ACT! For Canada and Madeline Weld, leader of the Ottawa chapter of ACT, applied for a judicial review of the Library’s decision to cancel the showing. They are being represented by the Judicial Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF). A cross examination that is not open to the public takes place next Wednesday, March 13th in Ottawa. A hearing date will be scheduled later in the year and C3RF will apprise you of time and place when it is announced.

Valerie and Madeline are both founding members of Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF) and we will continue to update you on the proceedings as the case unfolds. C3RF sees this case as central to the preservation, or diminishment, of your Charter Right to free expression – including the right to have access to expressive materials. In the meantime, rest assured that C3RF will continue to connect the dots in the ongoing SNC-Lavalin scandal while advocating for your Charter Rights and Freedoms – including equality before the law for all.


We need your continued support

Please note that efforts aimed at preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians are not without cost. For those of you who have recently contributed to our coffers, thank you very much. We cannot continue to operate and progress such initiatives without such aid. The funds you so generously donate go directly into campaigning, events, bookkeeping, technology costs and legal advice. When these basic services are met, we use excess funding to assist other groups in advancing the cause of Canadian individual rights within a strong and free Canada. We also contribute to related legal proceedings, such as the Ottawa Public Library fight, and charitable activities when able. Please consider a one-time donation or a monthly contribution. Monthly donations, no matter how small, even $5/month, help us plan our finances in advance and provide us with greater flexibility.

And while you're considering making a difference, please follow C3RF on Twitter, on Facebook and on our web site and share with friends our great content and a realistic outlook on the continuing battle for Charter Rights in Canada. You can also join our Twitter feed here.

Billy Bishop quote: "Better to die voluntarily crashing than to have the enemy send you down in flames."

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)

Co-Chair C3RF


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