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C3RF Member Update - 22 March, 2019

Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights & Freedoms

A sad day in New Zealand

By the end of Friday, 15 March, 2019, New Zealand would be dealing with the largest mass murder in the country’s modern history. The unprecedented evil is alleged to have been perpetrated by 28-year-old Australian, Brenton Tarrant. His well-planned attacks saw him execute a shooting spree that encompassed both Christchurch’s Al Noor and Linwood mosques killing 50 and injuring dozens more. This mass killing of innocent Muslims at prayer is an incomprehensible evil and the victims, their families and their communities have the prayers of the thousands of C3RF members that represent every religion and ethnicity to be found within Canada. We wish the Muslims of Christchurch Godspeed as they recover from the heinous atrocity that they continue to suffer.


Sad days in Nigeria

Unfortunately, the Christchurch massacre is far from an isolated event. One only needs to take a look at the events unfolding in Nigeria to see that such atrocities are commonplace in this central African nation. The numbers are staggering and see some 60,000 Christian lives taken by a combination of Muslim Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram jihadists since 2001. These atrocities continue unabated and unnoticed to this day with 6,000 such lives lost over the course of the past year. Question is, how does such vicious barbarism slip silently into the deep without worldly notice or comment?


A tale of two atrocities

The mass media treatment of the Christchurch and ongoing Nigerian terror events could hardly be more divergent. In the former, we see unrelenting coverage and concomitant calls, at the highest political levels, to quell “hate speech” – including Islamophobia. The whole enterprise has the look of a circus and more than a whiff of coordination. If true, this is extremely disrespectful of the Christchurch Muslim community as their plight is eclipsed by a cynical political calculus. This calculus appears determined to leverage the Christchurch atrocity to push the Islamophobia and “white nationalist” narratives. Meanwhile the Nigerian atrocities, that speak to neither of these narratives, are allowed to sink below the surface of public attention. Is there a preferred narrative at play here? Could this explain the level of media coverage afforded each set of calamities?


Christchurch and the Canadian political narrative

In line with media coverage, Canadian political elites were quick off the mark to seize on Christchurch to advance the same narratives. Minister McKenna, for one, lambasted the Scheer Conservatives for not calling out “Islamophobia” on the very same day that the New Zealand attacks had occurred. In lock-step with their international counterparts, Canadian media piled on by accusing Scheer of not specifically identifying “Muslims” as the Christchurch terror attack victims in his initial remarks on the massacre. Such frenzied and, seemingly, coordinated attacks makes one wonder, are Canadian political and media elites trying to reprise the M-103 charge that Canada is a repository for a “rising tide of hate and fear”? A tide characterized by religious discrimination including,most importantly, Islamophobia? Additionally, this M-103 reprisal makes sense when one notes the numerous references made to the Quebec City mosque attack of 2017 as the Christchurch reportage unfolded. To be sure, the Christchurch and Quebec City attacks share much by way of how they were advanced into the public square. In both, officials, authorities and journalists shamelessly jumped to the conclusion that “white supremacism” and Islamophobia were to blame. In the Quebec City case, these unfounded suppositions stuck and persisted from the time of the attack to the present day. This, even though Alexandre Bissonette’s own self-confessed motivations rejected the Islamophobia narrative and spoke to a muddled mind grappling with a dark and deep depression.

Alexandre Bissonnette arives

In the Christchurch case, these same assumptions were made well before the commencement of any investigations and in spite of the fact that the suspect’s own written manifesto described him as a fan of fascism and communist (China) systems of governance. In the meantime, the jihadi terror and sharia oppression being foisted upon Nigerian Christians is kept safe from scrutiny. So that the white supremacist/ Islamophobia narratives might flourish undisturbed? It seems that this narrative must not be compromised and that inconvenient facts or evidence must be ignored, as occurs for the killing of Christians in Nigeria, or explained away, as was done in the Danforth shooting. In the latter cases, it is a near certainty that “mental illness” will be dragged forward as the motivating factor. Hard to believe in the “Danforth massacre” incident when the storyline included weapons caches and over 40 Kg of carfentanil.


They train wild animals that way, don't they?

The everyday Canadian can be forgiven for wondering why their politicians and media professionals, all of whom are charged with representing their interests in the public square, are so wed to the “white nationalist”/ Islamophobia narratives. How can this be when they can see with their own eyes the social dislocations being kicked up in Europe, and the West in general, by the migration of folks from regions infected with jihadi terror and sharia oppression. If anything, shouldn’t their leaders, at least, be exercising more caution in formulating related policies? Just who are these leaders listening to? How is it that they can reject, out-of-hand, constituent concerns over initiatives like the Global Compact on Migration - an initiative that so obviously has the potential to weaken national sovereignty and security? Perhaps some come into their positions as full-blown believers in the false narrative that sees Canada and Canadians as “systemically racist” and Islamophobic. Perhaps others go along to get along knowing that the full weight of invective name-calling and shaming will visit their humble houses if they don’t. In the case of the latter, it’s safe to assume that they are operating more out of fear than out of duty to those they are sworn to serve.

The training of wild animals springs to mind when considering how the bond between this latter category of leader and his or her followers could have been severed. That process calls for physically and mentally beating them down and breaking their spirits. Once sufficiently broken these animals respond to rewards and remain obedient even though they grow into large and powerful beasts. Could it be, in a similar fashion, that these elites have been continuously beat down and “broken” by the believers of false realities. Believers of pseudo-realities or narratives that mercilessly denigrate a nation and its tax-paying, law abiding, God-fearing citizens. Believers of alternate realities that do not brook simple toleration but must be validated and accepted by all? This is a critical question as the answer might explain how Canada has come to a place that forbids and labels as “hate speech” any expression that is critical of:


Are we being trained into submission now?

With the last of our political, security, media and judicial elites bending the knee to the “realities” of a new Canada, is it now our turn to join them? As everyday Canadians continue to ask questions and resist counterintuitive narratives will our leaders take up the cudgel and apply the “wild animal training program” to us? It appears they have already begun by using the “hate speech” hammer to bash us into submission each and every time we speak out of turn or with insufficient respect for the newly perceived realities that must be honoured. It’s as if “political warfare” is being waged to coerce rank and file Canadians. Canadians who thought their individual rights and freedoms were inviolable birthrights but now stand to lose them in the new reality that Canada is becoming.


Ongoing operations and trends

It would seem that “political warfare” has reduced our once powerful, representative institutions into states of flaccid disrepair. Now that the aim of this warfare is shifted from a defeated leadership to its own constituency, C3RF will fight back to preserve the rights and freedoms of these same Canadian citizens. The key to this fight will be the education of everyday Canadians so they recognize the “hate speech” trap that has been laid for them. So armed, they will be able to avoid the “crush” enclosures that so effectively brought their leaders to heel.


We need your continued support

Please note that efforts aimed at preserving the fundamental rights and freedoms of Canadians are not without cost. For those of you who have recently contributed to our coffers, thank you very much. We cannot continue to operate and progress such initiatives without such aid. The funds you so generously donate go directly into campaigning, events, bookkeeping, technology costs and legal advice. When these basic services are met, we use excess funding to assist other groups in advancing the cause of Canadian individual rights within a strong and free Canada. We also contribute to related legal proceedings, such as the Ottawa Public Library fight, and charitable activities when able. Please consider a one-time donation or a monthly contribution. Monthly donations, no matter how small, even $5/month, help us plan our finances in advance and provide us with greater flexibility.

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Tommy Robinson quote: "Truth sounds like hate, to those who hate the truth."

Major Russ Cooper (Ret'd)

Co-Chair C3RF


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